8 thoughts on “Video – HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel feature on Tyson Fury, “The Gypsy King”

  1. Caught this on the weekend; intriguing for its glimpse into the past of the two elder Fury brothers, and for how it reveals the curious bylaws of HBO politics. Gentleman Jim Lampley was heard to sniff that Fury is an interesting “character — and that’s putting it politely” while plugging the feature during Kov-Pascal. As framed on the Gumbel show, the chief concerns seem to be a) whether Tyson promises to stop hurting the feelings of the non-fellow-medievalists he believes are going to trigger Armageddon through their Satan-summoning loads of buggery and b) whether travelers have suffered historical racism, which might, on balance, be enough to cut the clan of eye-gougers, crime bosses and wife-shacklers some slack. The latter question, HBO assures us, it has “researched,” i.e., Googled.

    If the blood drains from our Max’s face when Kovalev haltingly avers he wishes there were more rounds to hurt Pascal, imagine him being regaled by the far more verbally adept Tyson Fury. Things might get very amusing around the network soon.

    • Lol @ your perceptive assessment of this segment, particularly the, I’m sure correct, “Googled” euphemism.

      I can tell you that travellers are absolutely discriminated against where I come from, but this obviously doesn’t excuse in any way the heinous crimes that the Fury family have been involved with, or Tyson’s racism or sexism. Still, I won’t apologize for being thoroughly entertained by Tyson as a ‘character’.

      The moment that John was released from prison to re-enter the fray, my friend predicted that eventually a power struggle would erupt between him and Peter for control of his son’s career. I’m still expecting this to happen at some point.

      Major shock in the boxing world today with the announcement of Canelo vs. Amir Khan on May 7th.

      Ludicrous status as a middleweight title fight to be contested at 155lbs. aside, I find the fight fascinating as the biggest catchweight freakshow since De La Hoya-Pacquiao, and we all know how that turned out.

      Supposedly the deal was arranged between GB & Amir’s representatives without the direct involvement of Haymon. One wonders, especially with De La Hoya proclaiming that Khan was “back where he belongs at Golden Boy Promotions”, whether a Haymon split is imminent or has de facto already occurred, or whether this just means that fights between Haymon boxers and the outside factions can once again be talked about in realistic terms.

  2. Stunner about the Khan-Canelo meeting.

    I give Khan credit for the risky matchup. Canelo may not be maneuverable enough to keep step, but he won’t need to tap the famous jaw very often and has more than ample firepower. Some intriguing questions you raise about what this might say for Haymon’s lockdown of his boxers.

    Like yourself, no apologies for enjoying Tyson. Goon, loon, but watchable as hell. I wonder what form this fraternal power struggle predicted by your friend will take. Those guys scare me when they smile.

    Btw, did you see the iFL TV bit, from a few weeks ago, with Koogan talking to BJS and two black pals about racism? Refreshing, funny, insightful, unlike anything I see over here in sport, let alone in my society’s overheated discourse on race.

    • Haven’t seen that video yet, will watch it soon.

      As you know, I was planning to attend this Saturday’s card in Dublin, but ultimately had to cancel my plans due to an elderly family member’s birthday party. Had I gone, I would certainly have been in attendance at today’s weigh-in, but thankfully, because of this clash of commitments, I was not.

      Unbelievably, it exploded into an orgy of violence with one man killed, and three others wounded by gunmen dressed as police & armed with AK47s: http://www.boxingscene.com/dublin-weigh-turns-deadly-saturday-show-canceled–101053 & http://www.rte.ie/news/2016/0205/765708-one-person-injured-in-shooting-incident-at-hotel/

      This is all, of course, connected to the Kinahan drug gang who are behind the Macklin’s Gym Marbella (acronym: MGM) and the promoters of this show, and suspected to be a revenge attack for a murder last September.

      The show is, of course, cancelled, and this likely brings down the curtain on any boxing in the Republic for the forseeable future.

      Not the time to point fingers, but it’s obvious that all those associated with the individuals behind the MGM (boxers, trainers, promoters, reporters) need to take a long look at who they’ve associated themselves, and are partners in profit, with.

      • Appalling.

        Thank god you made other plans. And now you bring up the drug gang, I recall your earlier statements about them and their baleful role in Irish boxing. You rather prophetically anticipated trouble, or at least held out it would not be shocking if it occurred.

        I watched the RTE video. The chaos, with those fearful voices, brought back memories of once fleeing when two men in a crowded shopping mall began fighting and one drew a gun. Horrible stuff, a stampede, the crack of fire. Half a lifetime ago, but not easy to forget.

        What do you think must happen now? Will MGM endure scrutiny or how does this sort of thing shake out, typically?

      • Indeed, nobody should be shocked (one need only remember what happened to Jamie Moore, caught in the crossfire in Marbella), but it’s still crazy for something like this to occur in Ireland, especially at such a public event. Boxing dragged ignominiously through the gutter again.

        I don’t envy you those frightening memories. The RTE video, and photos released of the gunmen as they entered the hotel in full SWAT gear, were awful images.

        I can only speculate what will happen but one would imagine this will be a huge hit to the MGM brand and their pretensions of doing business as a respectable boxing promoter, running regular shows in Ireland. I’d guess no more shows in the Republic for the forseeable and the increased media/police scrutiny on the Kinahans to harm their various ‘legitimate’ ventures (i.e. thinly veiled money laundering) outside of drug-running, surely the purpose of such a public attack. The same thing happening in a Marbella villa wouldn’t have caused half the furore.

        Honestly, the BUI, BBBofC and anybody else doing business with the Kinahans on a regulatory level in boxing should be asking themselves whether it’s appropriate to continue doing so.

  3. Thanks for the cogent and insightful overview.

    Should Helder and Cassius be worried, then? They would seem to depend on MGM for a big share of sponsorship revenue.

    I watched their recent respective interviews with Haye and Joshua. Both boxers made canny assessments of the other, though perhaps Joshua is more clear-eyed about his limitations than Haye about his own. Wisely, maybe, Joshua does not seem keen at all to move up. And Haye knows he isn’t on any wish lists, even while the clock is ticking more urgently: his own shelf life is limited while the horizon for improvement only favors Joshua, Wilder and other young contenders like Parker.

    Continuing my explorations in Nuri Bilge Ceylan, I saw Uzak (2002) on the weekend, too. As before, he brought to mind Haneke and Antonioni in his silences, fraught landscapes, long takes and the excruciating judgment of his camera. Spellbinding from start to painful finish. What a filmmaker.

    • Yes, it hardly seems appropriate to say “in association with Macklin’s Gym Marbella” at the beginning of every video now, so who knows if that association can sustain.

      The latest updates are that the ‘Continuity IRA’ terrorist faction have claimed credit for the attack (although this has been greeted with skepticism), and the first suspected retaliatory murder happened last night, as an uncle of Gary Hutch (the man whose death supposedly sparked the feud) was murdered at his Dublin home.

      Haye has never been one for patience and will be looking for a big money fight as soon as this year. Joshua is in no rush, nor should he be. While he could beat Martin for a belt now, it’s smarter to continue to learn and fight for a title sometime from late this year to the middle of 2017. Joshua’s April 9th opponent will be announced any day now. Chisora is out of the picture unfortunately.

      I don’t think I’ve ever watched a single IFL interview with Joshua: too anodyne and full of media-trained platitudes. Whyte was right when he called him “fake”.

      Delighted that I could turn you on to Ceylan! Uzak is masterful and one of the best evocations of the ennui of urban life, and a profound longing for connection, that I’ve seen. It’s appropriate that you watched it so close to the 40th anniversary of Taxi Driver’s release.

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