6 thoughts on “Video – ‘Frampton vs. Quigg: The Gloves Are Off’

  1. Not sure why this should be, but your recent Named & Shamed column no longer appears on the site, although it can be retrieved with a search. Intentional?

    • No, apologies for the confusion but it’s just a wordpress glitch.

      Sometimes when I make a draft, as I did for this post, and then publish it later, it publishes to the date in which the first draft was made, rather than the day it’s actually been published. To remedy this, I ‘stickied’ it to the front page temporarily so that you and others could read it.

      • No worries, I was just looking for the thread where we’d been having our last discussion. 🙂

        OT also: What do you make of Eubank Jr. going after the British title, strategically and otherwise?

      • I think I’ve opined on this before, but given the vulnerabilities he continued to show against O’Sullivan, Blackwell is a much more realistic next step for him than Jacobs.

        He remains mandatory for Jacobs’ ‘world’ bauble, but I doubt he’ll take that risk. That said, predicting the next step of a journey guided by the whims of Chris Sr. is a fool’s game.

        Common sense says he should beat Blackwell (although the current British champion is no pushover), continue to learn for the next year or so, and then target a world title. Then he will have matured as a pro and gelled with Booth.

        Incidentally, talks for a Saunders rematch in the summer have recently collapsed, with Frank Warren again lambasting ‘English’ for being impossible to deal with.

        A typically quality first Better Call Saul episode btw

  2. Have yet to tune in to Saul, but looking forward to it.

    Quiet period in the sport nearly over, with some anticipated fights next weekend. But far too little boxing going on for my tastes. I can measure this absence by the time I end up giving to our lunatic national elections.

    The return, creakily in my view, of The X-Files set me off on a brief tour revisiting the show’s glory days. There I was reminded that Vince Gilligan cut his teeth on the main product and its Lone Gunmen spin-off.

    My feeling about the reboot: time is cruel. Fresh-faced youth was central to the calorie-junkie credulity that made the thing work in the past, and without it… I won’t say it’s Aliens Stole My Hip Replacement. It has moments. As before I give Chris Carter props for his Chomsky-lite skepticism about powers-behind-the-throne, but I’d rather he did something else. He should have taken a cue from his old employee Gilligan, whose post-X-Files work might be grounded in social realism but actually gives us a weirder, more fraught view on our world.

    I’m with you regarding Joshua-Martin. A rarity of sorts, and perhaps it is Uncle Al damning with faint praise by cashing his Martin check while there’s something left in the account. It’ll be empty post-Joshua, I reckon.

    Love “the red light district of sports.”

    • Indeed, boxing’s quiet period ended with a sour note this past weekend.

      I scored Fedor Chudinov a 119-109 winner over the shot Felix Sturm in their rematch, only to see him suffer one of the most disgraceful robberies I’ve ever seen. Sturm ‘wins’ his 5th title belt on his own promotion, and the German tv cash cow lives on.

      Fights like this make me wonder why I bother watching boxing.

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