Thomas Hauser: “What we know about Al Haymon: Part II”

Hauser isn’t the biggest fan of full disclosure, is he?

Well, allow me to fill in the blanks on his behalf: Hauser is an HBO employee (who have banned Haymon’s fighters from their airwaves, although this stance is beginning to thaw, and so are in direct competition with his shows) and Ring TV, the site on which this series of articles appears, is owned by Golden Boy promotions (whose founder Oscar De La Hoya is a longtime rival of Haymon, and whose company is engaged in multi-million dollar litigation with his operation over alleged violations of the Ali Act and other offences).

Basically, don’t expect a total lack of bias.

Nevertheless, this is an interesting look at Haymon’s backstory and contains insights into the man who controls so much of the sport.

Kevin Iole’s take on the matter:

Also, now the curt note that “Hauser is a paid consultant for HBO Sports” has been belatedly affixed to the end of each of these articles.

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