10 thoughts on “Video – ‘Martin vs. Joshua: The Gloves Are Off’

  1. “I walk this earth like a GAWD.”

    This bawling aside, he’s actually sensitive and interesting when in confessional mode. And a meditator: he might want to ask Keith Thurman over for zen flute.

    Under the bluster I wonder what he really makes of Joshua, who can have no analog in all of Martin’s street-strutting past.

    • I’m pleased that Martin, the first genuine success story out of many attempted American football to heavyweight boxer conversions, is getting a big payday for this one. He deserves it for having the balls to cross the Atlantic for his first defence against the consensus future of the division in AJ.

      It’s a hard fight to handicap, given each man’s lack of experience against quality opposition.

      Based on home advantage and his amateur pedigree, I think Joshua stops Martin early, but, on the other hand, I’m not convinced he can stand up to even a single flush shot from the big southpaw.

      It’s a very big fight for British boxing and if Joshua wins, his paper belt (Tyson Fury’s upset win and sanctioning body politics are about to make Joshua a lot of money) will immediately make him the number one star in the country to the undiscerning casual viewers.

      • Nice analysis with which I concur. Suspect it will come down to who lands first and consistently in the early going. In that, I’ll take Joshua. Martin looks sloppy, if big-handed enough to make up for it against more average competition. How about against the future of the division, whose chin is a trifle suspect? “Them heavy people hit me in a soft spot…”

        Fine interview with Haneke from 2009, whetting my appetite to watch The White Ribbon again:

      • Love The White Ribbon & enjoyed that interview. I’ve only seen a handful of his films (absolutely loved Hidden and Amour also), so must fix that.

        Fury-Klitschko II surprisingly announced for Manchester on July 9th. Home advantage strengthens my view that Fury repeats in another ugly fight.

  2. Opinion seconded. The Wlad of old who was more aggressive has a chance, i.e., that hell-for-leather version of the fighter Emanuel Steward exorcised. Hoping for a Fury win, anyway. I want to see the post-Klit hw division really get down to business.

    Amused to see Shannon Briggs has taken up residence in the UK, seemingly in a Tardis parked in back of Hearn’s house. Did you catch that iFL TV bit with Hayes recounting his encounter in the O2 loo with Briggs? Shannon was also seen crossing paths with an irate Englishwoman who regarded him as some type of insufferable immigrant. Hilarious.

    • I didn’t, must try and find that! I did catch the angry woman at Buckingham Palace berating him though.

      Briggs, contrary to his claims of getting a London apartment, was last seen back in the States breaking up a gym scuffle between Stiverne and Jarrell Miller. You know something’s up when it’s Briggs playing peacemaker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JP6wIFe2-kk

      Haye-Briggs, if it happens, will be fun as far as mismatches that shouldn’t be sanctioned go.

      Bizarre presser yesterday in Manchester, with the ‘media’ section seemingly full of Team Fury plants who asked Klitschko the most ludicrous of questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uX12ABKwHbI

      In particular, I had to laugh at the asinine opening rant that came from a woman from “Irish radio”.

      Dominic Breazeale has been selected as the first Joshua defence. He’ll get blown out within three rounds.

  3. That Briggs bit could not be more creakily staged, could it?

    Caught the presser and indeed found the interviewer impressively transparent. Fury quick off the mark to praise his clumsy pet, haha.

    Pity about the choice of Breazeale, a guy whom an unlucky Mansour was en route to whomping.

    Will Briggs’ Buckingham Palace antagonist be one and the same? In the vid I saw, she was haranguing him with a bit of “this is my country.” He wasn’t having the lecture, but looked irritably restrained. Likely a little brand-conscious before the camera…no good if all that let’s-go-champing should be undone in one xenophobic second!

    • Funnily enough, the talented cousin of Tyson, Hughie Fury is fighting Fred Kassi tomorrow, a man who was widely regarded to have been robbed against Breazeale last year. So much for an adept world title challenger. AJ’s already incredible popularity is such that even a mismatch like this would probably fill a soccer stadium. Expect stadium fillers next year for Joshua, hopefully against credible opposition.

      Briggs and Fury really do blur the lines between fantasy pageantry and reality at times, but it makes for a welcome change from the staid Klitschko-modelled image of the heavyweight division in the past decade.

      Yes, that’s the same video I’m referring to. Surreal stuff.

      • Ah, thanks for the context. I will be looking in on that Hughie Fury fight with more interest now.

        Fine comment about Briggs, Fury and Wlad, couldn’t agree more!

        Assuming Fury gets by Wlad again, who do you think he will target first? Your prediction about his fitness costing him in the near term might come true fairly quickly…

        Btw, I heard noises about Fury moving to LA, where amusingly enough he imagines he’ll be loved better than in Britain. He must not have got the memo about Manny Paquiao’s intolerance and how that went down.

      • Unfortunately no context could have made that turd of a fight any better. Hughie is good, but a very boring heavyweight.

        It’s hard to predict, but I don’t see him shying away from the challenge of a Joshua unification next summer, if Hearn and co. will have it, and esp. if the dangerous Luis Ortiz looms as a mandatory.

        That’s about as likely as Briggs actually keeping his word about moving to the UK.

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