May 6th’s Random Boxing Rants

Missed this last year, but Vanes Martirosyan calling (ex-PED peddler turned boxing strength & conditioning coach extraordinaire) Memo Heredia out on Twitter for allegedly offering him an injection for $9k during their first, and only, meeting is interesting.

Especially interesting when you see Heredia clients like Lucian Bute and Rogelio Medina look so strong and revitalized under his program.


Interesting that Eddie Hearn is trying to steal Chris Eubank Jr. away (for a John Ryder fight, perhaps?) from Frank Warren for his June 25th undercard, which would once again derail plans for a Saunders-Eubank Jr. rematch.


Victor Ortiz really does have a chin made out of kinder egg.

He was boxing quite well in the Berto rematch until the first real punch Berto landed basically ended the fight. He needs to retire before he’s seriously hurt.


Who in their right mind could give a shit about Danny Garcia vs. Andre Berto?

Powers that be, don’t make this dreck #ThankAlHaymon


Looks increasingly as if Deontay Wilder is going to go through with his fight against Povetkin.

I’ll believe it when I see the ringwalks, but props if he can go into the lion’s den & beat the rejuvenated Russian.


Canelo-Khan is fun, outside-the-box matchmaking, which I’m all for, but it’s unfortunately a mismatch in the ring.

It’s also ludicrous as a 155lb. catchweight contest for the lineal middleweight title.

Khan will be on his bike from the first bell, possibly winning one or two early rounds, but will be in survival mode by halfway.

The most likely outcome is a lopsided decision, but it will be interesting to see if Khan’s (overly derided) chin can take Canelo’s (overrated) power.

2 thoughts on “May 6th’s Random Boxing Rants

  1. Khan-Canello zzzzzzzz. Didn’t care, wouldn’t care, was tired of the hype immediately. Golden Boy sending in Tapia for his comeback against Lemieux was also truly pathetic. No love for Oscar, the poor man’s Al Haymon.

    Interesting about Eubank Jr. I thought he’d left Hearn to be self-represented (by which is meant, I guess, Sr.-represented). Did he then sign with Warren? The more he fights, the happier I am. Turning to Sanders, do you believe he was injured or feigning for match-making purposes? That would be two bad injuries in recent years, unless I am mistaken.

    Fight of the weekend for me was Crolla’s marvelous victory. I could have done without any of the GB fights and simply seen that one.

    • Lemieux-Tapia was as poor as one could have imagined. I thought the undercard looked promising on paper, but it was a disappointment.

      The main event exceeded expectations though and was exciting. Khan had me believing something special might happen after his excellent start, but Canelo caught up to him in chilling fashion. Can’t give Canelo much credit for destroying a cherry picked welterweight, but it is a top contender for KO of the year nonetheless. Now please be a man of your word and fight GGG…

      He hasn’t signed with Warren, and the Blackwell fight was on the terrestrial (to use US parlance, network) platform of Channel 5, the last card of Mick Hennessey’s deal with them. He broke his contract with Hearn on a technicality to do this, but a swift return back to Sky wouldn’t surprise me.

      I do doubt the veracity of this injury, which was supposed to be minor hand damage, and think it’s either down to plans for a pending major fight with Eubank Jr. and/or problems making weight (he looked heavy in IFL interviews) for his proposed marking-time fight with Bursak.

      Terrific win by Crolla, bravely walking through Barroso’s fire. He’s not the best lightweight in the world as Hearn claims, but he’s one of the most improved fighters in world boxing. In a world that made sense, he’d unify with fellow Mancunian titlist Terry Flanagan.

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