2 thoughts on “Video – “The Fight Game” with Jim Lampley: Episode 24

  1. Caught this the other day and my feeling about HBO’s partnership with Bhop has soured.

    It’s one thing for the network to blithely disclose he’s a promoter when commentating ringside on his own fighters. Then we are meant to accept the little grins as some kind of clearing the air. What does one call a very tiny mea culpa — a mea hicculpa?

    But it’s another thing entirely for this cozy relationship to extend to discussions of GGG-Canelo. Golden Boy has notoriously dragged its heels, gamed the weight discussion, allowed its fighter to say GGG isn’t deserving. We don’t want more coy statements from its senior officers that the fight will happen. We want their feet held to the fire, as Lamps only does when he’s playing anchorman on The Fight Game (and, notably, discussing fighters who aren’t HBO assets).

    Your thoughts?

    • You’re certainly right about Lampley being kinder to HBO boxers than he is Haymon’s. Very much enjoyed Lampley’s closing rant though, not that it made a difference now that Canelo has shamefully/lessly dropped his sanctioning body belt & is showing no intention of fighting GGG, at least not this year.

      I have basically no interest in anything Hopkins says on TFG & it’s extra pointless when he’s there to discuss Golden Boy fighters.

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