2 thoughts on “Steve Bunce: “David Haye sends in the clowns with Shannon Briggs next”

  1. I saw the “fights,” and a clip or two of the ensuing pro-wrestling antics.

    It’s rather amusing that British fans have embraced Briggs. His telling Haye he’ll run him out of England (“You goin’ back to Dubai!”) and that it’s “his house” now had, against the backdrop of the Brexit vote and all its xenophobia, a certain ironic goofiness.

    Well, since there’s hardly any good boxing to be watched these days, clown time can’t be over. I used to disgusted, y’know, and now I try to be amused…

    • Haye-Briggs is going to be an absolute circus of a promotion. Let’s just hope it doesn’t end with 44yo Briggs getting seriously hurt.

      It’s an unbelievable 18 years since he was destroyed by Lennox Lewis.

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