June 1st’s Random Boxing Rants

Victor Emilio Ramirez was blown away in two rounds by Denis Lebedev in their recent cruiserweight title unification.

Ramirez is a capable fighter, but he must have a case for the worst two-time ‘world’ titlist in history.

Due to twice being elevated from interim to full titlist status, he has the unenviable world title fight record of 0-2-1, his other loss to Marco Huck, as well as a draw in a short notice defence against Ovill McKenzie.


As for Lebedev, this win arguably establishes him as the #1 at the weight, but he remains an underrated fighter.

In fact, he should be undefeated, his two losses coming by robbery decision to Huck and late stoppage in a brutal war against Guillermo Jones, who then failed a post-fight drug test (as well as a 2nd failed test right before their planned rematch).


Speaking of failed tests, Lucian Bute is the latest to tarnish his legacy by testing positive.

I’m not in the least surprised, having voiced my suspicions of Memo Heredia’s latest reinvigorated clients in my ‘random rants’ of May 6th.


If Chris Arreola gets the Deontay Wilder shot, then surely he must rank as the worst three-time heavyweight title challenger ever, and one of the worst at any weight.


Speaking of baffling world title fights, Ricky Burns vs. Michele Di Rocco for the WBA 140lb. strap was bad on paper and worse in the ring.

Pleased to see the perpetually unlucky Burns (not a true 140lber) catch a break, but the out-of-shape, old Di Rocco had no place in the ring with any boxer of quality.

Burns now joins Bob Fitzsimmons and Duke McKenzie as Britain’s only three-weight titleholders.


The Chris Eubank Jr.-Tom Doran British 160lb. title fight was aptly summed up in one word by Billy Joe Saunders: “manslaughter”. 


Pleased that Shane Mosley lost to the unheralded David Avanesyan in his eliminator for another shot at one of the welterweight division’s top dogs.

No need to see him take a horrific beating from Thurman or Porter.


Star of the Creed movie, Tony Bellew dramatically and improbably achieving his dream at Goodison Park soccer stadium is a true case of life imitating art.

..although that’s applying the term ‘art’ loosely.

It was meant to be, and one of those rare boxing nights.


What are the odds that the David Haye-Tony Bellew freakshow fight actually happens?!


4 thoughts on “June 1st’s Random Boxing Rants

  1. Wilder vs. Arreola! The Haymon excitement just never ends.

    First I’ve heard of Doran. I gather that’s the point in this matchup. How is Jr. meant to go from nobodies to Golovkin?

    Enjoyed the Bellew win. Skipped Mosley, who was past it years ago, and feel as you do he’s had a lucky reprieve. I also think he’s got the mark of a diehard who hasn’t found a life after boxing…

    Beterbiev’s return this weekend. Any other fights of interest to you?

    • The talk of Golovkin continues to be laughable…Junior remains the mandatory for Jacobs’ secondary belt, but that’s tactfully never mentioned anymore.

      Mosley clearly had no retirement plan, at least from the moment he sold his stake in Golden Boy for the quick money of a Top Rank fight with Pacquiao across the street. Bye bye regular paycheck. He likely has money problems, but let’s hope this is the last we see of him between the ropes.

      Always interested in Beterbiev, even when he’s in soft after an injury layoff. Frank Warren has one of his big cards, but no fights of particular interest on it.

      Vargas-Salido could be the Fight of the Year, but I’m struggling to care after Vargas’ positive test. The fact that the fight is going ahead is nothing more than a cynical money grab by the Californian commissioners.

  2. As it turned out Vargas-Salido was a scorcher. Marred by the PED test, just as you say (the commissioner seen offering his cattle-based assurances was as false-hearted as they come). FOTY for action.

    Afterwards HBO ran a good short film about Ali and Lamps was emotional, as are many of us remembering him today.

    • Lol @ “cattle-based assurances”. I’ll certainly watch the fight later this week. I wasn’t able to catch it live because it, unusually, wasn’t picked up by Boxnation.

      I myself was moved by Boxnation’s tribute to the great man before Saturday’s Liverpool card.

      What a life. Rumble, young man, rumble.

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