2 thoughts on “Dan Rafael of ESPN: “Richard Schaefer returns to fight game, founds Ringstar Sports”

  1. Boxing matchmaking can’t get any worse, so in my book he’s welcome back. Especially on the heels of the latest Golden Boy delay pushing GGG-Canelo back more than a year. Your take?

    • The Canelo-GGG delay is an absolute joke and everything that is wrong with boxing, as is Canelo-Smith. So much for De La Hoya~s proclimations that Canelo would fight the best and that, under his watch, nothing like the interminable Mayweather-Pacquiao over-marination would ever take place.

      Anyone that buys Canelo~s pre-GGG PPVs is a chump.

      As for Schaefer, he~s as shrewd as anybody in boxing, and, after persistent rumours that he would eventually take a leading position with Haymon or Mayweather Promotions, he is smart to put himself at one step of remove under his own umbrella while maintaining strong relationships with both & waiting to see how PBC plays out. It will be interesting to see which boxers Schaefer signs as well.

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