2 thoughts on “Kugan Cassius interviews Frank Warren, who rips the Eubanks & labels Senior a “phony” & “imbecile”

  1. Go ahead. Call me an obsessive, haha. I watched this the other day, nearly in its entirety. It’s not that I care very deeply (indeed I care not a jot) about the Eubanks or their travails. But the spectacle of a seething Warren, calculating moment to moment how much english to safely put on the cue ball being aimed at English, was just fully captivating. It was like watching a cannibal trying to have an ankle without being noticed by the CCTV.

    • Haha glad to have you on my team. I devour every second of Kugan’s interviews with Warren & Hearn with glee: the snide potshots are simply hilarious.

      This was one of the best yet, and a sign that only someone as universally impossible as English could unite Ol’ Fish Eyes & Fast Car in unequivocal agreement.

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