2 thoughts on “Video – The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast with Shannon Briggs

  1. What a find! Glad you posted this. I’ve always liked Rogan, though rarely look in on his show.

    Briggs has more self-awareness than boxing mojo. I wish this wise, likable fellow would get out of the game and go into education or some kind of social mission around boxing; he’s exactly the kind of ambassador who should be sent into our festering inner cities to help kids. If I were running the country, he’d have a budget to set up national youth boxing programs.

    • Apologies for late reply to this comment, but I only just finished watching this interview.

      I too like Rogan. Briggs came off as immensely likable also, with an infectious energy & deceptive intelligence.

      His charisma would probably, as you say, be better served elsewhere than as an active boxer now, but I can’t help but be curious about what will happen when he eventually gets a significant fight. (The Browne fight looks off now that the Australian has failed a second drug test)

      It’s frankly astounding that he hasn’t yet landed a big one. Briggs would bring a million times more attention to the likes of AJ & Wilder than defences vs. the likes of Molina and Duhaupas have.

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