Pound4poundireland’s November 28th POUND FOR POUND top 10

1. Andre Ward

2. Roman Gonzalez

3. Manny Pacquiao

4. Sergey Kovalev

5. Terence Crawford

6. Gennady Golovkin

7. Vasyl Lomachenko

8. Saul Alvarez

9. Guillermo Rigondeaux

10. Juan Francisco Estrada

  • Lomachenko enters at #7 after a very impressive, if somewhat boring, schooling of a reluctant, but unbeaten & until-now highly regarded, Nicholas Walters.
  • Despite a loss to Orlando Salido (and that’s a rematch I still want to see), it’s hard to see anyone in Lomachenko’s weight range who can now beat him.
  • Naoya Inoue exits for now.


6 thoughts on “Pound4poundireland’s November 28th POUND FOR POUND top 10

  1. Can’t disagree entirely with having Andre at top but I don’t have to like it: masterful, to be sure, but a fighter whose grappling habits often flout the rules of boxing and depend on absentee refereeing for their impact. If, as in those rare instances in which Wladimir, whom he resembles in his holding, is aggressively ref’d Andre were to be cautioned and penalized too, he’d be more vulnerable to the kind of punches that Kovalev landed. P4P being a measure of ring performance, I can’t quarrel with his success; I will only say his negative ring style is likely to further torpedo the sport. 160K buys for Ward-Kov, I read.

    What did you think of the return of Saunders? Too many iFL TV interviews in bed, and not enough training or activity, it seems! Amusing and gratifying to see Tyson Fury back, though, at ringside (and already raising a rumpus on social media). The boring 2016 season sorely needed Fury, who would have provided relief from endless inconsequential tune-ups by our alleged stars.

    Caught Campion’s The Piano, one I’d always managed to miss until my love of Michael Nyman’s composing finally led me to it. Impressive. I rate her a solid image-maker, and I thought the performances very good indeed. It’s not wholly satisfying (I found the central figure played by Holly Hunter too much of an enigma), but it’s artful. The satirical interludes (around two kinds of ignorance, colonial repression and tribal literalism) were especially nicely observed. Do you like her?

    As always, your blog is the star of the field, and I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and you especially a great year ahead in writing and filmmaking!

    • A sincere thanks, Richard. It’s been another fun year of exchanging cinema tips and fistic opinions in the comment section with you. Happy Christmas!

      I liked The Piano but it’s the only Campion film I’ve seen. Her Top of the Lake tv series is a quality offering though. Harvey Keitel is one of my favourite actors, so that was an added pleasure for me.

      Thoughts on the Westworld finale?

      Saunders’ abject performance was the worst successful world title fight display in recent memory. Horrendous stuff. He needs to reconcile with Jimmy Tibbs & start acting like a professional. Lol @ “Too many iFL TV interviews in bed” — so true.

      AJ vs. Molina and Parker vs. Ruiz this weekend should be formalities for the home fighters, with Briggs’ bellowing and Chisora’s table throwing antics as the background noise. Saturday’s PPV is not one I’ll be buying.

      Poor PPV buys for Ward-Kovalev indeed, and I doubt things will be much better for the mooted Cotto-Kirkland farce in February.

      As for the question of Ward as P4P king, or not, I think he gets a bad rap because of his style. If Kovalev had gotten the decision, he’d likely have overtaken Gonzalez as consensus #1, something which hasn’t been bestowed upon Ward. I’ve already expressed my opinion that it was Kovalev who was responsible for most of the mauling in their fight, as a means of negating Ward up close.

      Top dog or not, Ward will never have the mainsteam appeal to be a PPV mainstay, so, probably for the better, the health of the sport will never hinge (as it did during the Mayweather era) on the aesthetics of his in-ring offerings.

      • Damn — started typing a reply, hit wrong key, browser ate it, must restart. Disclaimer offered in case you get two posts!

        Apologies on late reply — holiday season was crazy. Still have finale to see. Just caught penultimate ep tonight and enjoyed the Arnold reveal. Haha, I know this is comic book stuff; sue me, it’s fun, a little brainier than average, and I do so like the faux gravitas. Fauxvitas, shall we call it?

        Since we exchanged notes on Ward, he’s made noises about retiring. I wonder if he had an epiphany in that ring. Maybe the one that Lewis had the night he stopped Klitschko: “I won, yes, but lord above I’m done.” Mayweather, btw, has cruelly opined that while he loves Andre, respects Andre, don’t nobody impress him like Andre except for present company etc. etc., nonetheless Kov won the fight. This has provoked from Andre a kind of don’t-be-a-hater simper. (In fairness, this was TBE’s default mode — he is Ozymandias, king of kings. Look on his bling, ye mighty, and despair. Andre shouldn’t take it personally.)

        Hopes now pinned on AJ-Klit and Golovkin-Jacobs. These fights seem interminably far off. I was content to consign boxing to a compartmentalized half-life, but then DeGale-Jack came along, and I tasted of the nectar, and now I need the drug again!

      • Fauxvitas! I like it.

        Ward ain’t retiring, and, pound for pound elite or not, who would really care if he did? Rematch clause or not, I’m not holding my breath on the Kovalev rematch materializing though, at least not immediately.

        That Ozymandias/bling line had me in stitches — well done haha.

        The year has started off strong. Bring on the sweet violence of Frampton-LSC II & Vargas-Berchelt

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