4 thoughts on “Video – Lou DiBella & Joe Rogan debate boxing vs. UFC

  1. Haha, very enjoyable!

    It’s an argument I pity anyone trying to win against Joe Rogan! I somewhat side with Lou, not on his sneering claim of “human cockfighting,” but on the virtues of boxing’s more confining rules. Out of limits can come great art. To be sure, Mayweather is the standard bearer for such greatness not always or even often being exciting. Roy Jones Jr., though, in his prime combined this highly-refined art with scintillating thrills. That’s an inherent problem for boxing-as-entertainment in an age of more varied and high-octane fighting: there just isn’t a Jones on every street corner, though there will never be a shortage of wild MMA fighters.

    Do you watch much MMA? I catch a fight here and there (eg Rousey’s recent demolition) and try to keep an open mind. I do admire good athleticism and cunning, whatever the form. We all have our tastes and mine will never quite be for choke holds and arm bars and pummeling those on their backs — however realistic this is in a street fighting sense, as Rogan contended.

    Happy new year to you, Jeremy, and let’s hope 2017 is a boxing year to remember!

    • Glad you enjoyed. Rogan is as eloquent as anyone I’ve heard on the merits of MMA, so Lou had his work cut out for him in this one. I’ve been informed through twitter that Lou has changed his pov & respects MMA years later.

      I watch bits and pieces, but very casually, and I lack much knowledge of the sport as far as grappling and kickboxing go. It’s impossible to avoid the McGregor fervour here in Ireland and I’ve been legitimately fascinated by Rousey’s sudden downfall.

      Thanks, Richard, the very same to you and yours! Things can’t get any worse than 2016 (Canelo-Chavez Jr. as the epitome of cynicism aside), and DeGale-Jack tonight is a good way to kick things off.

      • As it happened, what a kick off!

        I confess this is one I couldn’t score. I slightly favored DeGale at most points, though later I felt he was coming apart under Jack’s brutal attack. Finally I just surrendered to the sheer hair-raising ecstasy of it; we are lucky to be on this side of the ropes!

        Where do you think the fighters go from here? Rematch or bigger and better things? And will Eubank Jr. with his fairly witless taunt about coming for DeGale’s other teeth get the fight, and how would he fare, do you think?

      • Terrific fight. I watched on a choppy stream and have yet to go back & score it properly, but for me Jack appeared to do enough. DeGale is too easy to hit and doesn’t do nearly enough with his pawing jab for an ex-amateur champion.

        A rematch would be great, but isn’t happening. Jack has vacated and is looking for Stevenson at 175. DeGale has an unappealing mandatory in the mediocre Uzcategui, but fights with the likes of Callum Smith or Groves can hopefully be made.

        Eubank Jr. is a talented joke until proven otherwise. All bark and little bite.

        I think he has potential to give someone like DeGale a good fight (there’s animosity stemming from an old spar) but he’ll need to prove himself against better opposition that Renold Quinlan before I take him seriously as a world beater.

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