Pound4poundireland’s March 22nd POUND FOR POUND top 10

1. Andre Ward

2. Manny Pacquiao

3. Sergey Kovalev

4. Terence Crawford

5. Gennady Golovkin

6. Suriyan Sor Rungvisai

7. Roman Gonzalez

8. Vasyl Lomachenko

9. Keith Thurman

10. Naoya Inoue

  • Rungvisai enters at #6 after a shock win over former #1 Roman Gonzalez, who slips to 7th, after a valiant effort in narrow defeat.
  • Golovkin sees himself bumped to #5 as a result, but his disputed win over Danny Jacobs isn’t enough to see him rise any higher.
  • Canelo Alvarez exits for now.

7 thoughts on “Pound4poundireland’s March 22nd POUND FOR POUND top 10

  1. Checking out Hatman’s YouTube feed today, I see it’s call out time.

    Brook calls out Thurman, Lemieux does to Alvarez, and Loma to Mikey Garcia, and GGG’s mgmt says a Ward fight can happen.

    Lemieux must have GBP’s blessing to call out the cash cow, no? In that sense, it isn’t “calling out” at all, but pre-pre-pre-promotion. The pilot light sparking under the pan of marinating sauce…

    All potentially good fights and promoters will be kept busy sabotaging them for months to come!

    • Haha unfortunately the only fight there that’s remotely realistic for the time being is the inevitable Canelo-Lemieux bronze medal matchup.

      It’s almost as if this was GBP’s plan all along for September…

      Finally caught Moonlight — terrific, & when was the last time a film so obviously arthouse won the best picture Oscar?

      Reading Nic Pizzolatto’s novel Galveston currently.

      • How’s the Pizzolatto? Similar themes to the TV work? I believe there’s one more TD due in the HBO deal.

        Nice to hear that about Moonlight, and tip filed away! If you didn’t recommend it, I would have overlooked it. I haven’t seen an Oscar winner in probably 20 years.

        Caught some more of Scorsese’s Personal Journey through American Film. I could listen to Marty all day.

        Then, of all things: Dermot Bannon, elfin Irish TV architect. We saw an episode of his Room to Improve (I somewhat begrudgingly, it being lady’s choice that afternoon) in which he upended a perfectly nice house and drove its owners batty with stress, dust and debt. Toothsome in his glee, Dermot took to popping up at odd times in the deconstruction with an accountant in tow to deliver bad news about dodgy roof timbers and the like: time to raise the budget! I was, in the end, obliged to admit the outcome was a kind of attractive fashion-mag-Bauhaus. The now literally poor owners (a lovely pair of Irish gals depicted, in one cringing encounter, hitting up parents for a loan) were positively frantic with approval.

        Mildly into this weekend’s Showtime card. Always enjoy seeing feisty Shawn Porter and big, fast-aging Luis Ortiz. Of course, the big fight is the following week…your pick?

      • Solid crime novel but nothing particularly striking. Similar dark mood to his TV work.

        Have you heard the amazing news? Milch has supposedly been recruited to work on season 3 with Pizzo.! Nic is also working on a different detective show with Robert Downey Jr.

        Twin Peaks now just weeks away…

        Moonlight well worth a watch, but I presume you did see No Country for Old Men haha. Speaking of which, caught the unfortunately poor The Hudsucker Proxy recently, the only Coens film I hadnt seen.

        Hahaha quite a review — a friend of mine, a former architecture student, will no doubt enjoy it and be familiar with this Dermot character!

        Porter-Berto is a solid bout but Ortiz unfortunately is off the card with injury.

        The pick has to be AJ, but basically anything could happen. Im tempted to go with Joshua by decision as he’ll likely find Wlad hard to tag and I don’t see Klitschko throwing very much in return.

        Training videos seem to suggest Klitschko is going to try to box from the outside and be elusively awkward in a similar way to Fury’s display in defeating him. Certainly, while Fury made Wlad look old with his movement, AJ’s far more straightforward style won’t present the same puzzle.

        The result largely depends which Klitschko shows up but I find it hard to bet on a 41yo coming off an 18 month layoff and poor performance against a form guy, with home advantage, four ko wins in the interim and bags of talent in his own right.

        Parker vs. Hughie Fury is another interesting HW fight next month in New Zealand…if it happens.

  2. Thrilled to learn about Milch!

    I went to look up details after reading your post. He has also submitted his Deadwood feature script, it seems, prospect long dangled. Since his financial woes struck I gather he has been writing in volume.

    If it intends to shoot anything HBO had better hurry. He’s 72, though 100 at least in drinking years. Ian McShane is 74.

    Intriguing about Nic and Downey Jr. Robert’s made a big enough pile in Marvel crap he can afford to start acting again!

    I don’t mind HP by the Coens. Their stab at a Preston Sturges pastiche with one of my favorite American actresses, JJ Leigh, it briefly revived the screwball comedy for us aficionados. And you are right: I did see No Country (nice but no patch on the novel).

    Shame about Ortiz. His clock is really ticking. Interested in anything to do with Parker — Hughie have much chance?

    Agree with every word of your Wlad-AJ breakdown. If AJ can send him packing, all boxing must be grateful. If Wlad wins, our last hope is the Russians invade Ukraine!

    • I second your desire for more Deadwood — it would be amazing to see a proper end to such a classic. Tick tock…

      Parker doesn’t look to be the same level of talent as AJ, so I think Hughie has a chance, but he’s very green himself, and at least Parker has been tested. It’s hard to see Fury (coming off a long layoff) getting the decision in NZ, even if he may have the greater upside.

      Haha there’s a rematch clause for both sides, so only a definitive ending or very one sided fight will prevent this megafight producing a money spinning sequel.

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