2 thoughts on “Thomas Hauser for the Ring: “MAYWEATHER-MCGREGOR: PART II – THE DARK UNDERSIDE”

  1. Good old Hauser and I have different ideas about what constitutes a “dark underside.”

    I was amused by the image of the saintly yodeler Michael Buffer taking it upon himself to uphold the famous honor of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Imagine the stain upon its good name if this shower of manly insults and “Fuck”-threaded haberdashery should continue, haha!

    After this, it’ll be hard not to imagine Michael at ringside, his head up like a well-coiffed periscope, watching peremptorily between rounds for anyone who might want to ogle the ring girls.

    • Haha luckily for Buffer, it’ll be Jimmy Lennon Jr. doing the honours at this event.

      (Side note: I always laugh when Steve Bunce refers to the ring girls, dutifully erect at his side, as Buffer’s “nieces”)

      I agree that the criticism of Mayweather-McGregor at times comes close to the hyperbole of those who’d have us believe it’s a great fight.

      Ultimately, we’ve seen worse pre-fight misconduct and vulgarities, and once Mayweather saunters to his easy victory, people will forget about all of this in a hurry…that is until the financial success of this crossover enterprise inspires its inevitable imitators. It is a watershed moment of sorts. Don’t be surprised if we see Joshua vs. a charismatic UFC heavyweight champion in a few years from now.

      My opinion on the whole circus (it’s not a legitimate sporting contest) is that it’s ridiculous and unsavoury, but I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit I find it morbidly fascinating. I’ll be buying the PPV here in Ireland, but thankfully for a lot less than 100 bucks.

      Obviously, this bout should not have been sanctioned, and if the debutant is injured in any serious fashion (for all Floyd’s lack of killer instinct, he is the best boxer of his generation taking on a novice), then it will be possibly the biggest disaster in the history of combat sport in Nevada.

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