Pound4poundireland’s September 17th POUND FOR POUND top 10

1. Andre Ward

2. Terence Crawford

3. Gennady Golovkin

4. Suriyan Sor Rungvisai

5. Vasyl Lomachenko

6. Keith Thurman

7. Mikey Garcia

8. Naoya Inoue

9. Juan Francisco Estrada

10. Jeff Horn

  • Golovkin rises one spot after being as unlucky as you can get in having to settle for a draw against Vegas golden boy Canelo Alvarez. KO needed to win a decision anyone?


4 thoughts on “Pound4poundireland’s September 17th POUND FOR POUND top 10

  1. So, how did you see it?

    Was it Canelo’s uncanny skills or GGG’s cossack attack?

    I leaned toward a GGG win by one round, but my blurry scorecard (courtesy of the Glenfiddich vats!) had some hastily jotted scribbles that in the light of day look less like numbers than etchings from the Necronomicon. So I’ll accept any interpretation give or take a point, but on the other hand, Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!

    It certainly was fun and it definitely gave us the measure of each man. I’ve been enjoying the almost Jesuitic debates that frequently promise to veer into Inquisition revivalism, especially where poor Adelaide Byrd is concerned. She may temporarily be more hated than our politicians.

    In that connection did you see Teddy raging against the dying of the light? He’s a bit soused himself on fight night but no matter. The telling feature of this video is the kind of pushback he gets from the ESPN star Stephen A. Smith. Like everyone else sucking at promoter teats, Smith knows you don’t say a bad word about the money. He needs to come round your blog for Named and Shamed. His reductive view that boxing judges are simply goofs or spoilsports acting in a vacuum drives the well-traveled Teddy to the brink and I am fairly certain the Conscience of Boxing is temporarily airborne here:

    • I saw it as a comfortable win for GGG. Some rounds were competitive, but the winner was clear.

      Must read some Lovecraft haha.

      Despite feeling GGG won, one of my takeaways was certainly that he is a couple of years past his best and his decline reminds me of the Pacquiao we started seeing in 2011 post-Margarito — still skilled enough to beat almost anyone but the power and sheer relentlessness of attack fading. Of course, some of that has to do with his last two opponents being his best.

      Ultimately, Golden Boy timed it well, waiting a couple of years while Golovkin aged. Canelo has to be the favourite for the inevitable rematch.

      Needless to say, Byrd is a disgrace and hopefully she’s put out to pasture as CJ Ross was. Don Trella deserves ire too, his donation of round 7 to Canelo gifting him the draw.

      Other (disorganized) takeaways:

      – Canelo proved he could fight on the back foot and showed good head movement. Solid chin too. He came to try to steal the fight, fighting in spurts, knowing his name was going to make it hard for GGG to get a decision.

      – GGG’s chin is granite.

      – Canelo gets gift scorecards in each and every fight. He’s truly Vegas’ new favourite son and his economic importance can’t be overstated.

      – In one of the most significant fights of the past decade, we got a good boxing match but an unfair result (as I’d feared in my pre-fight comment). This is bad for boxing but life goes on.

      – Who wins out of this? HBO, Nevada, Golden Boy, even K2/GGG all win out of this in an even bigger money rematch. The fans are the losers, forced to shell out for $90 PPV again. Thankfully, I streamed this one over here and I’ll do the same next time.

      I can hardly handle all the shouting, particularly from Stephen ‘DKSAB’ Smith. Teddy’s heart is, as always, in the right place.

      Canelo may be too important to not get the decision in any sort of reasonably competitive fight, but I can’t say if corruption is outright involved. Given what we know about amateur boxing and the sport’s lower levels, as well as historical precedent, it would be naive to think corruption doesn’t go on at the elite level of the sport though.

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