The tragic story of Daniel Franco

Pound4poundireland Scorecards from September 2017

Juan Francisco Estrada 115-112 Carlos Cuadras, officially UD

Callum Smith 114-113 Erik Skoglund, officially UD

Billy Joe Saunders 117-111 Willie Monroe Jr., officially UD

Diego De La Hoya 99-91 Randy Caballero, officially UD

Gennady Golovkin 118-110 Saul Alvarez, officially a DRAW

Gilberto Ramirez 115-112 Jesse Hart, officially UD

Oscar Valdez 117-109 Genesis Servania, officially UD

Jorge Linares 115-112 Luke Campbell, officially SD

Keith Tapia 100-89 Lateef Kayode, officially UD

Sean Dodd 119-109 Tom Stalker, officially UD

Paul Butler 118-110 Stuart Hall (rematch), officially UD

Mairis Briedis 117-110 Mike Perez, officially UD