Pound4poundireland Scorecards from December 2017

Anthony Yigit 117-111 Joe Hughes, officially UD

Rey Vargas 120-108 Carlos Negrete, officially UD

Sadam Ali 117-112 Miguel Cotto, offically UD

Lee Selby 120-108 Eduardo Ramirez, officially UD

James DeGale 114-114 Caleb Truax, officially Truax by MD

Francisco Vargas 89-82 Stephen Smith (technical decision), officially TUD

Tevin Farmer 118-110 Kenichi Ogawa, officially Ogawa by SD

Jake Ball 99-92 Miles Shinkwin, officially UD

Katie Taylor 96-93 Jessica McCaskill, officially UD

Alexander Povetkin 120-107 Christian Hammer, officially UD

Yves Ulysse 100-87 Cletus Seldin, officially UD

Billy Joe Saunders 120-108 David Lemieux, officially UD


From September:

Joseph Parker 115-113 Hughie Fury, officially MD

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