Reddit AMA (online Q&A with fans) with Bob Arum

Featuring such gems as:

“Have you ever seen the infamous Oscar fishnet pictures? If so, what are your thoughts?”

Arum: “Oscar always maintained that it was photoshopped, and that’s a testament to his credibility”


“With the rise of the #metoo movement, on a scale of 1 to 10 how scared are you of skeletons from your past being exposed?”

Arum: “Well, I always envision getting up at a press conference and talking and some old lady in a walker comes in and accuses me 50 years ago of doing something inappropriate. I can always plead at my age that I have no memory, but it’s possible!”

8 thoughts on “Reddit AMA (online Q&A with fans) with Bob Arum

  1. Great you put this up! Bob is hilarious. If he hadn’t promoted boxing, he could have worked stages in the Borscht Belt.

    Speaking of amusing, i’m sure you’ll have enjoyed Naz’s Eubank diss. Icing on the cake of a fine Groves performance, for me.

    Poor Junior: all six-packed up and nowhere to go. It’s clear he’s wasted every minute since the BJS loss perfecting his sniper stare while hunting for lesser journeymen (and in the WBSS, a faded Arthur Abraham) to clobber. Shoulda coulda woulda, but spurning Adam Booth was the spiritual deposit he made on the night of humiliation with Groves.

    It’s interesting how more has been said about Junior’s wasted potential than Groves’ realized potential. I’m sure this is a consequence of the smack the Eubank factory has talked for years. Perhaps more than any sport, boxing loves it when you can back up the talk, and it loves even more putting the boot in when you can’t.

    Next couple of weekends look like high points in the boxing year.

    • Glad you enjoyed, Bob is far too old to give a fuck what anyone thinks of him!

      Naz instantly became a cult punditry icon off of his display last Saturday. Both unintentionally hilarious and, alternately spot on and hyperbolically, cutting. He has had beef with Eubank senior dating back to their shared heyday supposedly.

      “You’re either good at boxing or you’re not” & “Alisha baby, I love you!” had me in stitches.

      This may well end up as Groves’ signature win and full credit to him for a smart boxing display. More than that, credit to him for bouncing back from his three defeats as strongly as he has. In truth though, his jab and grab tactics, and persistent hittability, didn’t impress me to any great degree.

      He’ll likely enter the final with Smith (if it takes place; it might not due to the shoulder injury) as favourite, but that will be an even sterner test.

      I completely agree with your assessment of Junior. He hasn’t improved a jot since the Saunders loss and hardly at all since he turned pro. There’s only so far you can go on natural talent and strength, and he’s shown an arrogant unwillingness to learn that I’ve seen from few boxers. The brief Booth link-up was always destined to be short-lived.

      Because of his name he has (or maybe had) the ability to become a PPV mainstay on this side of the Atlantic, but I don’t see him ever reaching his potential because of this mindset and his father’s mis-guidance. He’s already been exposed as having little actual boxing ability now, so there’s not a whole lot of mystique left.

      “Perhaps more than any sport, boxing loves it when you can back up the talk, and it loves even more putting the boot in when you can’t.” — so true.

      Absolutely. Superfly 2 (especially Rungvisai-Estrada) and Wilder-Ortiz will both be quality offerings.

      Bivol-Barrera is another fight to keep an eye on.

  2. And now we have SSR-Estrada in the can. Terrific fun. Decision the right one? Looked close to me.

    FYI: our man Teddy in an enjoyable new interview, heart on sleeve, metaphors a-popping (Anthony Joshua, we learn, was born with a school chalkboard eraser in his hand…an eraser called “power”). Interviewer discovers what Joe Tessitore has known for years: resistance is futile.

    • Haha thanks for sharing this — I’ll watch asap

      SSR-Estrada was brilliant, my favourite fight of the year so far. Superfly is a gift that keeps on giving. I scored it 115-113 to the Thai

  3. And Wilder-Ortiz in a thriller, too. Great boxing year so far.

    Felt bad for Ortiz, who, through a combination of many reasons both his and not his fault, saw his chance at the title come when he was past it. Not so far past it that he couldn’t confirm all our suspicions about Wilder’s chin and dubious craft. But past it enough to taste destruction. The final seconds with Deontay clubbing away blindly looked like something out of a nightmare–ragged, forbidden, obscene. Great, blood-pumping spectacle.

    The fight also confirmed something else about Wilder. His science fiction-like powers of recovery. Other fighters won’t gas out as the aged Ortiz did when he had Deontay, so the Bomb Squad will prove mortal eventually, maybe soon at the hands of Joshua. But the decision on when to sell out against him carries really high risks. The longer spent on setting up shots, the more chance he has to land the right hand. I don’t think Ortiz made a mistake; he had to go for it, already tiring and not knowing when or if the chance would come again. But if you don’t finish the terror off, and he snaps back, then what? What do you say to a charging grizzly when you’re out of bullets? (Time-honored answer: “Uh, can we talk about this?”)

    • Tremendous fight, sure to go down as one of the year’s best.

      It was Wilder’s ‘AJ-Wlad moment’, surviving torrid adversity against his first elite opponent to come back for the dramatic ko win.

      Wilder was finally punished for his alarming lack of technique, but proved himself in terms of superior athleticism, at least a decent chin and, most of all, mental calmness to recover from almost being taken out.

      Ortiz is clearly years past his physical prime but showed he still very much has a place in the landscape. He was a punch or two away from altering history in the 7th.

      With fingers crossed for no fucking around, let’s please have AJ-Wilder before the end of 2018. There are few, if any, better fights to be made in the sport.

  4. “There are few, if any, better fights to be made in the sport.” True dat.

    Barring a rejuvenated Tyson Fury back in action, there isn’t much else I care to see from heavyweights. In a year or two, things could heat up as Daniel Dubois develops or one of the East European lhw juggernauts moves up. Right now, it looks like the two titans sit atop a thin division.

    Here’s a question for your boxing brain. How do you think an Ortiz-Joshua fight might have played out? It’s likely moot now, as I suspect Ortiz has taken a career ending beating. AJ, I imagine, would have kept Ortiz more honest, but I also think Ortiz has a point-and-shoot style that would have frustrated practically every current heavyweight. Had he been in with Parker, for instance, I think it would have looked like Fury-Parker — that is, with the addition of hitting.

    Did you catch Terrence Crawford’s quip about Canelo? “I don’t know what’s in that chicken, but it sounds fishy to me.”

    Reading or watching anything good?

    • I agree that HW is lacking in genuine depth currently. Look out for Hrgovic, Dubois, Joyce and Gassiev/Usyk to remedy that in the coming years.

      Good question: potentially, Ortiz, because of his technical nouse, could have been the most difficult fight out there for AJ. But that’s a moot point now as you say, because Ortiz has just suffered a bad ko and is on the outside looking in.

      Crawford has an underrated personality when he’s not busy intimidating mechanics or bludgeoning opponents.

      I read an interesting book on the underbelly of sexual misconduct in sport, focusing particularly on Australia, Anna Krien’s Night Games. Currently reading, god help me, a David Haye biography haha

      I was left baffled by Ostlund’s Palme D’Or winning, The Square. Frequently hilarious and chock full of ideas, I don’t think it adds up to a coherent whole. It deserves a rewatch though.

      I also watched Annihilation, consigned to Netflix in this part of the world after poor box office and battles with the studio for being “too intellectual”.

      I recall you being dubious after viewing the trailer a while back (and you’ve read the books, no?), but it was one of the best films I’ve seen in recent times. Not quite Stalker territory but it’s very much an art film made with few concessions to a commercial audience.

      Intelligent, thought provoking and full of abiguities: I thoroughly enjoyed it. One wordless, dance-like scene towards the end is particularly outstanding.

      There are a few flaws but overall it shows Garland to be a director of real promise, building on the good-but-not-great Ex Machina.

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