Pound4poundireland Scorecards from March 2018

Gavin McDonnell 116-112 Gamal Yafai, officially UD

Craig O’Brien 99-91 Jay Byrne, officially UD

Vaughn Alexander 99-91 Devaun Lee, officially UD

DeeJay Kriel 115-113 Xolisa Magusha (rematch), officially UD

Kevin Lerena 116-112 Dmytro Kucher, officially UD

Oscar Valdez 117-111 Scott Quigg, officially UD

Mikey Garcia 116-112 Sergey Lipinets, officially UD

Kiryl Relikh 120-107 Rances Barthelemy (rematch), officially UD

Oleksandr Gvozdyk 119-109 Mehdi Amar, officially UD

Jose Ramirez 117-111 Amir Imam, officially UD

Josh Kelly 100-90 Carlos Molina, officially UD

Anthony Crolla 96-94 Edgar Ramirez, officially UD

Ryan Burnett 120-108 Yonfrez Parejo, officially UD

Anthony Joshua 117-111 Joseph Parker, officially UD

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