Named and Shamed: Judging the Judges (August 2018)

August 4th – Ron Lipton scored a bogus knockdown against Andre Berto in a battle of faded ex-titlists with Devon Alexander.

Berto needn’t have worried, though, as Julie Lederman & Don Trella generously scored 8 rounds in his favour for a fishy split decision.


In Cardiff, Michael Alexander (117-112) was ludicrously generous to Sean Dodd in his whitewash loss to prospect Joe Cordina.


August 18th – Bryant Jennings vs. Alexander Dimitrenko ended in a premature stoppage in round 9, Allen Huggins jumping in to end things immediately after Dimitrenko had been dropped by an uppercut, which the visitor immediately protested.

Huggins had not given him any opportunity to demonstrate that he still had his faculties intact.


August 19th – As usual in Russia, it was a strange night of officiating.

Eduard Skavynskyi was boxing Oleksandr Ivanov, and sustained an absolutely horrible cut in round 7 which should have stopped the fight.

A very weak doctor named Pavel Zhukov got talked into letting it go on and ref Giustino Di Giovanni had no authority or control of the situation either.

It got even worse in round 9.

Skavynskyi was hit with a low blow, didn’t go down, but Di Giovanni inexplicably gave him an 8 count! I couldn’t believe what I was watching.

While he would have lost by TKO on cuts in virtually anywhere else in the world, Skavynskyi managed to go the distance and win a decision.


The Maryland commission (boss Pat Pannela) have shockingly lifted their suspension of Leon Lawson, the trainer who punched Jose Uzcategui square on the jaw with bare knuckles after Uzcategui’s controversial first fight with Andre Dirrell in May 2017.

Lawson is now free to resume corner duties, when, truthfully, he should be behind bars somewhere and certainly never anywhere near a boxing ring again.

Uzcategui is rightly fuming:–131374
I’m pleased to see the Boxing Writers’ Association of America have begun a new initiative to highlight instances of bad officialdom in the sport:

Laurence Cole rightly came under criticism from the BWAA for his performance during the Regis Prograis-Juan Jose Velasco fight.

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