– I frequently comment on the most prevalent current boxing issues in my “Random boxing rants” pieces and “Original articles”

– I attempt to wade through the often terrible judging in the sport, by sharing my own personal scorecards for all of the major fights I view to help illuminate when the judges get it right or wrong, as well as publishing a monthly “Judging the Judges” commentary.

– And I share any boxing articles and videos I come across which may be of interest.


Happy to hear any comments from those who agree or disagree with anything written here, as debate and friendly argument is always welcome.

Feel free to tweet me with your thoughts @JeremyFoley (https://twitter.com/JeremyFoley)


As of February 2014, I’m a member of the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board – http://www.tbrb.org/

(The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board was formed in October 2012 as a not-for-profit initiative to provide boxing with authoritative top-ten rankings, identify the singular world champion of every division by strict reasoning and common sense, and to insist on the sport’s reform. Board membership includes over thirty respected boxing journalists and record keepers from around the world who are uncompromised by so-called sanctioning bodies and promoters)

6 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m looking for old episodes of the fight game from 2015? could you please help me? Thanks.

    • Sorry, I can’t help much with this if the links have expired on this site.

      You might have luck on the boxingscene video forum, or else perhaps they can be purchased from one of the many boxing dvd providers online. Good luck and thanks for visiting the site.

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