Kerry boxing is on the rise with Siobhán Ní Laoire & Kevin Cronin

Siobhan has since won her first pro fight with a first round knockout.

Kevin expects to make his debut in February.

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Named and Shamed: Judging the Judges (November 2018)

November 3rd – In Glasgow, Zach Parker escaped with a highly controversial decision over Darryl Williams due to the cards of Steve Gray (115-114) & Victor Loughlin (117-112), two of the regular ‘Judging the Judges’ entrants.


Loughlin couldn’t help himself, following this up by prematurely stopping the Josh Taylor-Ryan Martin main event in the 7th round.


November 24th – The latest Monte Carlo show was not a good one from an officiating standpoint.

First, ref Stephane Nicolo was very late to stop the Daniyar Yeleussinov-Marcos Mojica mismatch.

Mojica didn’t want to know after being knocked down in round 3, but Nicolo allowed him to take further punishment before stepping in.


A seemingly weight-drained Kal Yafai underperformed against Israel Gonzalez, in a fight that could have gone either way, not that you’d have known this from the scorecards.

Giuseppe Quartarone (117-111), Gustavo Padilla (116-112), & Jean Robert Laine (116-112) all turned in wide cards in favour of the defending titlist.


Finally, Gustavo Padilla allowed a weary, beat-up Alexander Ustinov to take too much from Michael Hunter.

Ustinov was stumbling around after an 8th round knockdown, and yet it was allowed to continue on, with Padilla virtually carrying Ustinov back to the corner at the end of the three withering minutes.

The belated finish came in the 9th, only after another knockdown and the towel being thrown in.


November 30th – It was a very poor night of officiating on the first Matchroom Italy card in Florence.

Martin J. Ward dominated home boxer Devis Boschiero, only to have to settle for a split decision win due to the card of Francisco Alloza Rosa (113-115).

The 115-113 card of Predrag Aleksic was almost as bad.

The same was true of the following fight, as Joe Hughes seemingly eased to victory over a dire Andrea Scarpa, only to be almost denied by the 112-116 verdict of Predrag Aleksic (again!), surely one of the years worst cards.

In the main event, Fabio Turchi stopped Tony Conquest in the seventh round, aided by a hard shot landed when Conquest had already touched down.

This was ignored by Francisco Alloza Rosa (again!), who administered the count and ended the fight. This is a disturbingly common theme when punches are landed on a downed boxer.


Back in Glasgow, Tyrone McKenna can thank ref Michael Alexander’s 96-95 card for saving him from defeat by Lewis Benson in a fight in which he appeared to come off second best.

Named and Shamed: Judging the Judges (October 2018)

October 5th –Jan Teleki’s 91-99 did no justice to Matty Fagan in his closely contested defeat to Robbie Barrett in Barnsley.


In Belfast, ref Reece Carter oversaw the Marco McCullough-Rudy Encarnacion bout.

In one of the fight’s key moments, Carter didn’t say break but sought to separate the boxers.

McCullough was caught and hurt with a big left hook as Carter came in awkwardly and without exercising the proper authority.

This could have ended very differently, but McCullough ended up escaping with a narrow win.


In the main event of the same card, Tyrone McCullagh coasted past John Kennedy to a wide win, on everyone’s card but that of Jose Ignacio Martinez Antunez, who saw it unrealistically close at 96-94.


October 6th – In Leicester, Phil Edwards missed a flash round 5 knockdown of Nicola Adams by Isabel Millan.

Manuel Oliver Palomo’s 96-94 card was too generous to the visitor.


In Chicago, Celestino Ruiz said “stop” seconds before Beterbiev, who ignored and continued to punch, knocked down Callum Johnson in the fight round of their fight.

Ruiz counted the knockdown as if no rules infraction had occurred.


October 13th – Francesco Patera outboxed home favourite Lewis Ritson in Newcastle to win the European title, not that Soren Saugmann (112-116) saw it that way, turning in a risible scorecard.


In Omaha, Mike Alvarado blew away journeyman Robbie Cannon, who was out on his feet after the first knockdown.

Brandon Pfannenstiel allowed the fight to go on and Cannon to be brutally knocked out.


October 20th – In Boston, John Madfis (37-38) inexplicably scored 2 of the first 3 rounds of the Tevin Farmer-James Tennyson fight to Tennyson, who was dominated from bell to bell en route to a 5th round defeat.


In the main event, Steve Willis issued no warning to Demetrius Andrade when he landed a blatant, and hard, punch on Walter Kautondokwa when he was down in the first round.


On a broader note, praise must go to the Massachusetts commission for not allowing the Billy Joe Saunders-Demetrius Andrade fight to go ahead after Saunders’ failed VADA test.

There must have been pressure on them to do so, but they did the right thing for the sport and for Andrade.


On a Vegas undercard, an evenly contested Joseph Adorno-Kevin Cruz fight was spoiled by the cards of Chris Migliore and the infamous Adalaide Byrd (59-53).

Both judges absurdly gave just a single round to Cruz, aiding Adorno in achieving a unanimous verdict.

This is what happens when the likes of Byrd are allowed to continue to work after repeated showings of incompetence at the highest level.

Young fighters see their careers directly and irrevocably affected by this endemic incompetence.


October 26th – We must end on a sad note, reflecting on the passing away of Christian Daghio after his defeat in Thailand:–133416

Daghio was 49 years old, having just his 11th pro fight, and had hardly faced an opponent with a winning record in his career.

Still, he was somehow sanctioned to take part in his 4th 12 rounder, and it was a final round stoppage in a gruelling fight that led to his death.

The commission in Thailand (or Rangsit, if a more local body was overseeing this card, it is not clear) and the WBC, who had one of their myriad meaningless baubles at stake, deserve the harshest of criticism for allowing such a fight to go ahead.

The risk was evident. The consequences were final.

November 29th’s Random Boxing Rants

Met the gent that is Andy Lee recently at the launch event for his autobiography in Limerick:

We’ve come a long way…



Wilder-Fury is a delicious matchup this weekend, one of the best of the year, but, to these eyes, I simply can’t see Fury replicating his 2015 form after years of balooning in weights, drug/alcohol abuse & two dire tuneup bouts.

The pick is Wilder to lose some early rounds but to lower the inevitable boom with a stoppage, probably somewhere in the middle rounds.


It’s worth remembering that the winner will be the claimant to the lineal throne, making an eventual Anthony Joshua unification a true undisputed title fight:–134150

Cliff Rold writes.