July 10th’s Random Boxing Rants

A classic slew of Latvian sham bouts (one featuring Prince Patel) via Corey Erdman on Twitter:

Click into the tweet to view the full thread of videos.


A 2019 Saudi Arabia show featuring Amir Khan vs. Billy Dib and Hughie Fury vs. Sam Peter makes me laugh my ass off.


Who could possibly want to see Canelo Alvarez vs. Jaime Munguia? 

DAZN need to demand the best fight for September and nix this suggestion.

Named and Shamed: Judging the Judges (May 2019)

May 2nd – Steven Butler got a gift against Vitalii Kopylenko in Las Vegas thanks to the 96-93 cards of Tim Cheatham and Eric Cheek.


May 4th – Not only was Jonathan Oquendo hard done by a strange round 8 point deduction from Russell Mora, but the cards never gave him a shot in a fight which, to my eyes, he edged.

His opponent, Lamont Roach, won by scores of 97-92 twice (Dave Moretti and Richard Ocasio) and 96-93 (Steve Weisfeld).


May 10th – Kevin Parker deserves credit for stopping Terri Harper vs. Claudia Andrea Lopez at the perfect time in round 6 to stop Lopez from undue punishment.


May 11th – Robin Taylor and Steve Weisfeld (both 115-112) each had Julian Williams a far too narrow winner in his dominant display to upset Jarrett Hurd.


May 17th – Ref Shada Murdaugh fucked up what was supposed to be a routine knockover job in the Marco Huck-Nick Guivas fight.

Murdaugh shouted break during an exchange less than a minute in, was slow to get between the fighters, and Huck continued punching anyway (though he must have heard the instruction), knocking Guivas out.

The decision was an accidental foul and a no contest.

Frankly, it’s ridiculous that this wasn’t ruled a disqualification loss for Huck.


May 18th – Hard to see how Matteo Montella found three rounds to score for Shefat Isufi, as he was virtually shut out (with the exception of landing a single hurtful punch) by Billy Joe Saunders in a facile bout.


May 25th – Terrell Gausha was robbed and forced to settle for a draw against veteran Austin Trout because of the cards of John Dixson (94-96) and Bill Hunter (95-95).

July 6th’s Random Boxing Rants



Some recent Thomas Hauser articles, from The Sweet Science site, worth reading:

The Hauser Report: Folly at the New York State Athletic Commission





And what is up with the Pacquiao-Thurman drug testing protocol?


“All parties involved remain intentionally cryptic in providing any details—including confirmation of the new development” — huh? And when did this supposed stringent testing even begin?

Talk about cause for scepticism.


June 10th’s Random Boxing Rants

Belated thoughts on Ruiz-Joshua and the undercard: 

  • Spare me the tinfoil hat conspiracy theories please. Joshua was beaten by the better man.
  • Worrying lack of snap on Joshua’s jab from the first bell. He allowed a slow footed Ruiz to get inside his reach with no resistance.
  • Joshua needs to use his physical advantages, perhaps incorporating some ugly jab and grab tactics a la big Wlad, to negate Ruiz in a rematch.
  • It will be the most fascinating return fight in years, with so much on the line politically as well as in terms of legacy. A Ruiz win gives Haymon near total control of the division and would be a blow to DAZN too.
  • Ruiz provided what will surely be the most memorable moment in boxing in 2019. #snickers. What a man.
  • Josh Kelly had some weaknesses exposed by a perpetually underrated Ray Robinson (no, not that one) on the undercard, but, for his tenth fight, I applaud the ballsy matchmaking.
  • I loved Katie Taylor vs. Persoon and scored it a draw. It was ridiculous to suggest a robbery and a rematch would be most welcome.


Golovkin is probably more faded than we even know.

A highlight reel knockout covers up the cracks superficially, but, to my eyes, it doesn’t look like he has much left at the very elite level.

His defence is still so leaky. At 37, after a long amateur and pro career, this leopard can’t change his spots.

Pound4poundireland Scorecards from May 2019

Jonathan Oquendo 95-94 Lamont Roach, officially Roach by UD

Canelo Alvarez 117-111 Daniel Jacobs, officially UD

Matt Korobov 96-94 Immanuwel Aleem, officially a DRAW

Julian Williams 118-109 Jarrett Hurd, officially UD

Billy Joe Saunders 119-109 Shefat Isufi, officially UD

Josh Taylor 116-110 Ivan Baranchyk, officially UD