Rian Scalia for BloodyElbow: “Fake fights & dangerous mismatches: Inside Argentina’s boxing underworld”


One of the most interesting boxing pieces I’ve read all year.

#TraffickingofHumanFlesh in the form of fabricated records, sham contests, corrupt conflicts of interest, a dirty Boxrec editor, gross safety hazards, and boxers fighting under the identities of other, deceased, fighters…sometimes against each other!

I’d say this was all hilarious if it wasn’t so disgustingly dangerous & money driven.

We already know that similar practices go on in Eastern European countries, where boxers build up fake records so they can come to the UK & be bowled over, and who knows where else.

Only in the wild west of fight sports.

Joe O’Neill of irish-boxing.com reports on “WBC Corruption? – Details of McMahon’s Mexico Nightmare”

Joe O’Neill of irish-boxing.com reports on the rather stunning set of circumstances that surrounded Christina McMahon’s controversial world title defeat to Zulina Munoz on March 12th:


Tainted gloves, suspect scoring, no check weigh-ins, lack of supervisors, lack of contractually-mandated anti-doping testers, and, after pressure from the McMahon team, urine samples collected in cotton bud containers and allegedly tested, if they were at all, in a lab without WADA certification.

So much for the WBC’s much-vaunted ‘clean boxing programme’.

Thomas Hauser for RingTV: “NYSAC under fire: The federal government steps in, Parts I & II”

NYSAC under fire: The federal government steps in, Part I

NYSAC Under Fire: The federal government steps in, Part II

Pound4pound Ireland divisional rankings to be discontinued after May 3rd, 2015

For various reasons, chief among them that it’s become too time-consuming, after this Saturday, with the exception of my pound for pound list, this site will no longer compile weekly divisional rankings.

In recent times, this endeavour (started at this site’s inception in the 2nd half of 2012) has seemed relatively redundant, especially with the terrific Transnational Boxing Rankings Board out there.

The TBRB is a collaboration between over 40 boxing journalists & observers of note worldwide, who discuss and implement changes in rankings across the 17 weight classes on a weekly basis.

I am a member and contribute to their ratings updates, which can be viewed at http://www.tbrb.org, and I’d encourage anybody who is interested in authoritative and wholly independent divisional ratings to look no further than the TBRB.

Despite these changes to the blog, my occasional ‘original articles’ and ‘random rants’ will continue, as well as the monthly ‘Judging the Judges’ and ‘Scorecards’ segments, and the regular sharing of videos and articles by others on the fight game which I deem interesting.

Pound4poundireland’s May 3rd Lightweight top 10

1. Richar Abril

2. Mickey Bey

3. Miguel Vazquez

4. Raymundo Beltran

5. Omar Figueroa

6. Dejan Zlaticanin

7. Denis Shafikov

8. Jorge Linares

9. Kevin Mitchell

10. Emiliano Marsili


– Beltran comes in overweight, but still gets a solid win over Ao.

That’s enough to move him up a spot over Figueroa, who’s likely never to box at this weight again