“With Supporters like Bob Arum, Guillermo Rigondeaux Needs No Detractors” — Top Rank publicist distributing stories that condemn Rigondeaux as a boring fighter who didn’t help his career much by defeating popular Nonito Donaire



Kevin Iole and Dan Rafael have been the main culprits in the media in the wake of this fight, with their ridiculously begrudging post-fight articles and improbably close scorecards with Rigondeaux as the 1 point winner. Seems like sour grapes to me for a pair of guys who felt Rigondeaux was chinless and would get knocked out in a one-sided fight by Donaire.

A masterclass in pure boxing needs to be appreciated, and if Iole and Rafael are unable to do that, then they need to stick to watching MMA and WWE respectively.

Thank god for Gabriel Montoya, who has correctly labelled Rigondeaux as possibly the de facto best pound for pound fighter alive. Think about it: sizes being equal, who would you favour over Rigondeaux right now in a fantasy fight? Maybe Ward? Maybe nobody?

And consider this: at age 32, Rigondeaux is probably past his prime!